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Who’s Behind Off Topic Films?

about off topic films
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Off Topic Films was born out of a need to communicate the inspiring stories we were observing in contemporary society. Our hope is that, by sharing diverse perspectives and emotionally impactful tales of resilience, we can help to create a more empathetic, inquisitive society.

Together we can disrupt the social paradigm.

Meet The Team

Inquisitive and analytical by nature, documentary filmmaker by profession. 


Fascinated by the symbiotic relationship between human nature and the cultural and social structures that surround us. 


Roberta is an award-winning British filmmaker currently residing in Barcelona, Spain. She has previously worked as a cultural journalist and has a breadth of experience in marketing & communications.  


She has worked on a number of social documentaries, as a co-producer and director, and has had her work screened on broadcast television. 


The issues depicted in her films address themes related to migration, workers' rights and racial discrimination, focusing on the personal stories of those affected first-hand. 

Curious and committed to projects that challenge the status quo. Lover of anthropology, ecology and art. 


Audiovisual director by profession, Laura’s specialty is documentary cinema, which she uses as a tool to invite reflection.


Her career developed between Barcelona and Madrid, working in TV for channels such as Barça TV, Telecinco and Cuatro. She quickly realised that if she wanted to get the stories that deserved our attention out there, she’d need to do so independently. 

She has since co-directed more than a dozen films on topics ranging from body shaming to domestic abuse and the power of creative expression and has been awarded numerous laurels from film festivals around the world. 

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